Southwest Black Ranchers

The Small Minority Farmers and Ranchers Conference was inspired by the many challenges and obstacles small minority farmers face in our country’s food system. Together, Southwest Black Ranchers and Cruz Farm have partnered to host the first annual event where we will showcase opportunities and funding resources to grow your farm.

There has been a 90% reduction of Black, Mexican, and Asian farmers in Arizona from 2012 -to 2017 according to the USDA Agricultural Census. Our goal is to preserve our current minority small farmers and help grow their farms by providing tools for infrastructure, funding, and resources.

Black farmers account for only 1% of the industry’s total farmers. Black farmers are experiencing a mental health crisis, lending discrimination, and being forced to quit farming altogether.

By supporting our cause, not only are you supporting small farmers but also the future of our food system.  

If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsor, please contact 619-416-7432.

Donations can be made directly to, People 1st Global Food and Land Reclamation Foundation


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Farmer or Rancher Event Registration
This Small Minority Farmers and Ranchers Conference is designed to support the Black, Mexican and Asian Farming in Arizona. This is a free in person event with limited availability. Thank you for your interest and please fill out the form below. Based off of USDA statistics for Arizona Black, Mexican and Asian Farmers in Maricopa and Cochise County 90% from the 2012 and 2017 USDA Census. This conference has been designed to have a maximum impact on the minority farmer crisis. This conference will provide 30 Farmers and their partners technical assistance, introductions to agricultural services and agencies, private equity funders, an introduction to commercial production, sustainable agricultural practices and how to become a part of the Arizona Food System.
We are working with sponsors for the travel fees and the W-9 is typically a requirement for the process.