Southwest Black Ranchers

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“Our Mission is to build an alternative food system to support farming, entrepreneurship and land ownership.”

“Our Vision is to build a new economy supporting farmers providing fresh natural food to the community.”

People 1st Global Food and Land Reclamation Foundation is a registered Arizona Non Profit and has a 501c3. 

The Reclamation Foundation identified the need for diversity, support, training and understanding situations small minority farmers endure. 

Services are available for consulting, coaching, training and diversity training for government organizations, non-profits or anyone interested in understanding and connecting with under represented groups. 

In cooperation with the Southwest Black Ranchers, Cruz Farm and Finca Colibri, we held the 1st Annual Small Minority Farmers and Ranchers Conference in Douglas, AZ to address the “Future of Food” on April 30th. 

If you are interested in attending for 2023 please fill out the form below!

To learn more about our work please check out our website below!

The Good Food Film Series: Addressing Inequity in the Arizona Food System.

Starring: Southwest Black Ranchers, Cruz Farm, Finca Colibri and People 1st Global Food and Land Reclamation Foundation. 

Please watch and share. Together we can build a stronger future.