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Join us on our journey to become Arizona's first Black-owned protein ranchers

In late 2020, fitness couple James and Rachael Stewart decided to take a leap of faith and bring their longtime dream into fruition – a dream that would not only promote a healthy lifestyle and help their community, but one that would also make history by becoming the first Black-owned protein ranchers in Arizona.

James and Rachael are a bi-racial couple looking to combine their passion for promoting healthy lifestyles, their love for helping their community, and promoting a much-needed diversity to the southwestern farming industry.

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Our Mission

Southwest Black Ranchers was started to create and promote change within the agricultural industry.

Increase Black Representation in Agriculture

As of 2017, Blacks make up less than 2% of farmers in the United States. We are striving to promote a much-needed increase in diversity amongst the farming and ranching industries. 

Combat Food Shortages

COVID-19 was responsible for the closing of a lot of meatpacking plants. To assist in the food shortages, we have launched an initiative to be a solution to these businesses closures.

Create Food System Independence

Factory farms dominate the U.S. food production market, essentially taking away revenue streams from local businesses. We intend to pump more revenue into the local economy with quality products, all while helping support local businesses across Arizona and the southwest.

Promote Healthier Lifestyles

Educating the general public on proper eating habits (and misconceptions), as well as the nutritional makeup of their everyday meals is key to promoting an overall healthier lifestyle.

Your Support Means A Lot

Every donation matters, regardless of amount.
All donations will go towards covering the start-up costs associated with building and operating our ranch

Life On The Ranch

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Frequenly Asked Questions

Our first products will be chicken, guineafowls, pheasants, heritage turkeys, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, and herbs.

Once our pasture is up and running, we plan to have cows.

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Our ten-acre ranch is located in Douglas, AZ, which is just north of the Mexican border!

Donations will help us in many areas, but the majority will go towards:

• Animals
• Construction
• Refrigeration
• Delivery Vehicles
• Equipment

For more information, check out our GoFundMe page.

Living a healthy lifestyle and helping our community is one of our biggest passions! However, historically, there has been little opportunity for minorities to take part in and offer both of these elements in the farming industry.

Yes! As I’m sure you would imagine, starting a ranch is a huge task and does require a bit of capital to get things started. With that being said, we have a GoFundMe page that you can donate to help us in this historic cause. Every dollar goes a long way!

Can’t donate money? No problem. Spreading the word can be just as effective! Tell your friends, family, or colleagues about us and what we’re doing, or just simply share some of our social media profiles and/or posts. We would be beyond appreciative of any support you can offer 🙂